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                                Xinhua Airlines Visited the Corps in the Airport Before the Army Day

                                     2014年7月31日DT电子 - 平台网址,“八一”建军节前夕,中国新华航空集团有限公司组织开展慰问驻场部队活动。董事长杨景林、总裁赵世军DT电子 - 平台网址、副总裁李泉代表公司向武警北京总队一师三支队赠送了新鲜水果和锦旗,预祝部队官兵节日快乐,并感谢他们长期以来给予公司的大力支持DT电子 - 平台网址。武警北京总队一师三支队队长吴明华代表驻场官兵接受了慰问品,并表示双方今后应继续保持“军民鱼水情DT电子 - 平台网址、军企一家亲”的深情厚谊,增进了解,加强沟通,共同为国家发展做出积极贡献。

                                     On 2014, July, 31st, the day before the Army’s Day August 1st, China Xinhua Airlines Group Limited Company visited the corps. On the behalf of the company, Chairman Yang Jinglin, President Zhao Shijun and vice president Li Quan sent fruit and pennant to the third team of the first division of the Beijing Armed Police Corps to wish all the soldiers a happy holiday and also thanked them for their long-term support. The team leader of the corps Wu Minghua accepted the gift, who also expressed that the deep relationship should be preserved continuously and both parties should strengthen the communications and make positive contributions to the country.


                                Visiting Scene


                                Pennant was sent to the corps

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