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Internet Connection Broadband Speed Testing

The importance of Internet connection speed can't be overstated when using products like streaming music and video services, downloading large files, or even processing computer operating system or virus security updates.

Movie download services like Movielink(R) (which I am a big fan of) are especially dependent on fast connection speeds. Full online movie downloads are approximately 5 gigabytes in file size! A slow internet connection can make these large downloads unbearable for average users!

This free broadband connection speed test offered by is an excellent tool for use in simply verifying your internet speed, or trouble isolating slow download issues.

Try it for yourself and see how your network connection is performing. If you are on a broadband connection like high-speed DSL or cable, you should expect download results in the 1.5M area. In some cases, home DSL users could expect to see 768K download speed depending on your service plan.

If your test results come in lower than expected, you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to discuss the results and possible seek solutions for improving performance. But there are also other issues which would impact the perception of a speed problem.

Possible configuration or hardware issues in either your local Personal Computer, or remote web servers, can also contribute to slow data performance. In some cases, you may need assistance in isolating these types of issues from PC support personnel.

Printers & scanners, cameras, iPods, and other connected devices are using up valuable resources on your PC. For hassle-free, reliable, 24X7 support that's also affordable, is a great alternative to calling a friend for assistance!

If you are interested in their support plans:  They have a variety of plans available to choose from with prices ranging between $29-$99. And, they have a money back guarantee! 

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