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Word Count Updater



Word Count Updater - The Article Dashboard Word Count Updater is a PHP script written to update existing 'article_wordcount' fields in the article dashboard database.

The word count updater will scan all existing article records.  If an article record is found with a zero word count, the script will replace the zero value with a new word count computed using the PHP str_word_count() function.

Before using the updater:

If you are using the Free version of the BJC article script, you should download the latest updated import script version 2008-02-22. To check your current revision, open your script in a text editor. The revision level is located near the top of the script.

Download Updated Import Scripts - (Free versions)

Full version users can send a support request via email to Be sure to originate your request from your PayPal email address so that the Transaction ID can be verified. The latest full script version will be sent to your email address within 24 hours.

After you have installed and tested the latest script versions:

Use the word count updater to review and correct existing word counts:

  • Download the AD Word Count Updater script
  • Upload the PHP script to your existing AD root directory
  • Access the file using your web browser
  • Allow the script to complete the update
  • After the script has processed, delete it from your server

Instructions are included in the script and the enclosed readme.txt file


Before using the word count updater, make sure you have a current database backup.  Instructions for creating database or table backups differ depending on your web hosting provider. If necessary, content them for details.

If you need further information or instructions on performing full database backups or individual table backup, contact us using our Feedback form