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Increase Web Site Traffic with Dynamic, Keyword Rich, Article Content

One of the biggest opportunities available for web site owners today, is the ability to increase web site traffic by providing constantly updated, keyword rich, high quality article content for their customers and users.

Internet search engines love fresh content, and when users find the information they want at your web site, they will come back again and again.

Interfacing with various Content Management Systems (CMS) and Article Distributors, BJC is providing a variety of php scripts which allow you to easily obtain automated keyword rich article content feeds to increase web site traffic for your site. We can help you establish a new web site, or incorporate dynamic content feeds into your existing web site.

Content, Content, Content

The Magic Words! Near the top of the priority list for most web developers, is the content of your web site. Search engines like Google love new content! With web search capabilities being refined almost daily, users can quickly search on Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines to find thousands of web sites providing the information or products they search for.

In order to compete with millions of competitive web sites, most web site owners recognize that high quality keyword rich information is needed in order to increase web site traffic. In some cases, this may be information which is unique to your specific niche of users. In other cases, it could be a vast array of information topics.

Niche web sites remain narrowly focused. A single, very limited focus item, is the order of the day. For larger web sites or directories, a full arsenal of topics must be covered which will satisfy even the most broad categories.

Using either of these types of web sites, owners should be able to capitalize by selling ad space, and/or selling your own products, while continuing to provide the information that users seek and find helpful.

How can you capitalize from additional content?

If you have an existing business or a niche directory, regular content updates can bring you higher page rank, additional back-links,  and additional search engine traffic for your keywords. Additional traffic equates to more potential buyers looking at your products!

In addition to selling your own products, one of the most widely used methods of monetizing a web site is through advertising.

Selling ad space is made easy by joining the Google AdSense service. When you join the AdSense program, you agree to provide space on your web site for Google to serve ads. The amount of income you can generate from these ads, is based on the number of ad impressions, or on the number of clicks by users. The more content you have, the more visitors you can reach, and the more money that can be made.

For more complete information on Google AdSense and how it works, or to see how you can join, you can read more at

If you don't have a specific product or service for sale, you can join affiliate programs to generate income from your web site also. Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, and Linkshare are a few of the companies who manage affiliate sales programs. They are easy to join, and they provide you with products or services that you can offer to your customers!

When you merge the combination of keyword rich information articles to related products and services on the same web page, your sales conversions generally increase!

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Mystified by techno-babble? Frustrated by geek talk?

If you don't have the time or patience to troll through the learning curve associated with PHP scripting and MySQL databases, you can still enjoy automated content delivery and all the benefits associated with keyword rich articles!

Ask how BJC can install or setup article content feeds for your site!

Increase web site traffic by providing dynamic, keyword rich, high quality article content

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