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Offer online music purchase as well as the ability to access and play "millions" of songs. These sites require subscription (at a reasonable cost), and for the most part you must be online in order to access the subscription music. However, if you purchase songs they are usually downloaded to your PC and then can be played whenever you want. Keep in mind, that THESE resources are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they are NEVER out-of-stock!!

RhapsodyImpression Tracking gives subscribers unlimited access to listen to more than 100,000+ albums, 70,000+ artists and 2,000,000+ songs and I like their user interface. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Rhapsody offers an unlimited version at about $10 per month, and also a To Go option at about $15 per month. If you are a subscriber, they also give a 10% discount on music purchases. You can also check out their RealOne SuperPassImpression Tracking Free Trial in which subscribers get to watch/listen to news, sports, film, TV and entertainment content using RealPlayer Plus. SuperPass also offers 3,200 radio stations and 10 free song downloads / month.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited offers their online music service for about $6 per month (with a yearly subscription), and they advertise over 2,000,000 songs. This is the most inexpensive subscription music service site I could find! If you want to use their service for loading songs onto your portable music player, then you will need the To Go option at about $10 per month (with yearly subscription). Still, you have to admit, these are some incredibly reasonable prices for a legal music service!

Sony CONNECT is an online music service and music download site. They offer 30+ commercial free radio channels, and music downloads are .99 per track. Files you download from the Sony ConnectTM Music Store are encrypted in the OpenMG (*.oma) file format. OpenMG is Sony's copyright protection technology. Audio content is encrypted using an OpenMG compliant program, such as SonicStage®, and stored on your computer's hard disk for playback. If you have a Sony computer (or any other that has SonicStage already installed) then you should have no problem accessing and playing these files. If you not currently using SonicStage, why not try it out? You can register and download the software for FREE!

iTunes Music Store impression_tracking has arguably the largest and most popular service, possibly because of it's close relationship with iPod. Also, the software is fully compatible with both the Microsoft Windows and MAC operating systems! iTunes advertises as "the world?s best digital jukebox with the #1 music download store inside". As well as "Seamless integration with iPod". They offer the "Largest and Most Diverse Legal Music Download Catalog: Over 1 million tracks from all 5 major labels and more than 600 independents", as well as "More than 8,000 audiobooks and popular public radio programs". And don't forget, the jukebox software is FREE!!

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