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Internet speed testing is an important factor in downloading music or video.

If your Internet access connection is slow, music and video downloads will take an excessive time to complete. Your online services download experience will be less than satisfactory. If you are having an Internet speed problem its important to isolate the speed of your connection from other factors which can contribute to slow music and video downloads. It's important to have a Broadband connection such as cable or DSL for music and video downloading!

If you are not sure of your connection speed, then I recommend you try Although there are other speed tests available on the Internet, this one is unique.  Speedtest allows you to test your connection speed to various servers around the world.  This provides a much more realistic representation of internet connection speed than just testing the connection from your home or business to your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Speedtest also keeps a running history of the tests you have performed so you can track if the connection speed begins to deteriorate.

NOTE: A speed of 1500 kb/s or above would be a nice recommended target for music or video downloads

One thing you may notice while using this tool, is that downloading from a local server location is faster than a distant one. This is because the "TCP window (and therefore HTTP transfers) is not optimized for the increased latency that comes from the increase in distance". Speedtest will help you isolate this type of problem. Try testing with the server location closest to you, and then test with a server location farther away.  If you know the location of your music or video download server, then use one of the test servers at a location nearby.

There are several other factors that contribute to download speed. The type of PC hardware you own is one factor. If you have an older PC then everything may run slowly. Also, if the server at the other end of your connection is slow then it will also affect the download transfer speed.

Some remote servers are simply set to "throttle" downloads at lower speeds. This practice allows the remote server to control internet traffic and limit bandwidth concerns on their local internet connection to prevent potential internet traffic overload.

Always try to isolate your internet connection speed issue [when possible] to determine if the problem is local PC, distant web server, or broadband connection speed. This will certainly help your support people in resolving any problems.

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