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Provided below are some Testimonials from our customers

BJC works hard to provide the level of satisfaction that you expect and deserve as a BJC customer! Whether you need help with a simple PHP script installation, or require a more complex web site redesign, BJC can provide the service you need!

Neuro-VISION Appetite & Smoking Control Centers

Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for taking over the chores of installing, setting up, and debugging my Article Dashboard directory. There is no question in my mind that you saved me many hours of learning curve and struggle. Running my e-commerce site has all ready got my schedule maxed out and my time stretched way past the limits of human endurance.

I found you to be totally dependable, honest, fair, and professional, and these are compliments that I do not hand out easily. In today's Internet full of charlatans offering up their services, I am thrilled that I found you. I look forward to calling upon you and your expertise as I need you from this point on.

Alan B. Densky, CH
Neuro-VISION Appetite & Smoking Control Centers
Video Hypnosis & NLP CD's 



Next Step To Success Pte Ltd

I have installed the iSnare Article Importer on both my MS Sites.

If you are looking for content for your MS Articles Section then you really should get over there now and download the script and install it. I now have several hundred articles sitting in my directory pending release. They will also be sent over as they are published.

Actually, I didn't install the script, Bob at BJC Computer Services did the entire job for me with a minimum of fuss and absolutely no hassle at all - he even altered and added in some suggestions to make it easier to import a subject scattered across several categories. (eg a subject I wanted had its own category: 'Parenting' so that was easy to import. The other subject I wanted was 'Hypnosis' which was spread across several categories - Bob organized a filter to sift through the categories I nominated and filter out to include all those with "hypnosis".)

And the cost, well it was so small, that unless you are a tech, you'd have to be crazy to install it yourself.

Bob is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I put him in the same league as Nam Tran as being helpful and proficient. I have abolutely no hesitation in recommending him to all MS users and I will use him again when I install the Article Directory on my next Projects.

My Star Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

David Dixon
Next Step To Success Pte Ltd
Singapore 247909



Instant Video Coaching

I am and will be forever grateful for the superb work of Bob Culler at

His knowledge, experience and expertise has turned my project out to be just as I imagined it would look like. His work has simply been awesome, and I give him my best & uppermost highest recommendations!

Thank you BC!

Hans F. Halvorsen
Instant Video Coaching


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