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Easy CGI Web
Hosting Review



There are many small business web hosting providers on the Internet. Not many of them provide the power and flexibility of easyCGI Web Hosting.

At first glance, it may appear that all web hosting companies are alike. They provide Domain Name Registration, Disk Space for HTML files, and Bandwidth for processing internet traffic into your web site. Although that is true with any web host, when you look behind the scenes there is much more to consider.

For example, many web sites are created using either ASP or PHP with MySQL. With most web hosting companies, you have to choose one or the other. With easyCGI web hosting, both ASP and PHP MySQL are made available. No more switching web hosts just because your scripting technology requirement changes.

easyCGI offers some of the highest data transfer bandwidth I have seen, coming in at 3,500 GB per month in their smallest plan. They also offer 350 GB of disk space in the same plan. This is surely enough disk space for the most disk-space hungry of web sites.

For Internet backbone transport, easyCGI uses a Dual GigE Fiber Uplink. This type of connection should provide you with plenty of transport speed, along with the transport diversity needed in case of path failure. You shouldn't have to worry about your web site being available when needed. They offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. 

When you add up all the service features, together with operating their own data center, Using Dell servers, and owning and operating their own UPS system and backup power generator, it's easy to see that easyCGI can meet almost any need for your web hosting requirements.

They even offer Email Only Hosting for just $3.96 per month. You can create an initial Internet presence for you or your company, and start advertising your domain name in your email address before you even have a Web Site.

One feature that I would like to see added in the future, is the ability to host multiple domain names using the same web hosting account. Currently, only one domain name can be hosted on each account using the Advanced plans. In order to host multiple domains, an upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated hosting plan is required.


easyCGI has NO setup fee, they have a Website Builder to help you get started quickly, and they offer same day setup! For a complete feature comparison, view the easyCGI Advanced Feature Comparison table here at our web site, or you can go directly to easyCGI Web Hosting impression-tracking

For anyone looking to start a web site, or for those looking to transfer their web site to a new web hosting provider, easyCGI can meet almost any requirement. I definitely recommend looking at all their feature details closely before making your final decision.